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SunPath "Dream Music" (2 Cassette)


Yasamine & The Snowflake Dragon 1980 (Tracks 1-2, 60 min.) “Recorded with a silver flute in the loft of my first cabin in Cienega Canyon. Flute tracks were further digitally processed and added to sequences from a prophet synthesizer. Many of the effects occurring in the composition were achieved by a process of transferring tracks back & forth from one analog tape deck to another. During the recording process I learned to use electronically induced artifact and the generation of overtone sequences to achieve effects not normally possible at that date in time." - SunPath

SunPath2 1984 (Tracks 1-2, 60min.) “One night I had been working for about six hours on this composition and was oblivious to everything when I began to hear a sound that was just incredible the way it blended with the mix-down. It took me a few moment to realize that the sound was not inside the house but outside, and when I looked up there was raging snowstorm in a full moon going on outside. I screamed, ‘Yes! I have got to get that!’ So I threw open a window and lowered a microphone over the edge and endured snow flurries in the house for half an hour.” - SunPath