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Turnover "Peripheral Vision" (LP)


自 pop punk, hardcore 重鎮維吉尼亞州發跡;有別早年風格多伏於 Saves the Day, Jawbreaker, Movielife 等眾的蔭影之下,此回《Peripheral Vision》則大幅躍進,幻化兼容滿是 emo, dream pop, shoegaze 感的奇美意象。好評不斷。

1. Cutting My Fingers Off
2. New Scream
3. Humming
4. Hello Euphoria
5. Dizzy On the Comedown
6. Diazepam
7. Like Slow Disappearing
8. Take My Head
9. Threshold
10. I Would Hate You If I Could
11. Interpersonal

released by Run For Cover Records